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'Friday's Catch'

This painting is on my home page and the sketch i did on site below this text. I gave some details of this painting on home page, but i'm going to say a little bit about it more informally here. The watercolour above of this scene is nothing new to me. I've been painting this scene many years; the difference is that i truly feel more compelled to keep coming back for more! It tells me that i really love this area. I throw myself into these watercolours and give everything...I LOVE the Irish skies, so unique and constantly changing. This in turn effects the landscape and how it defines the shapes of structures; IE; buildings, walls, boats (in this case) and it's surrounds. Above is an example. The outstanding feature for me personally is the vivid yellow pier bollards, you can't but notice them. All else falls into place...hopefully.

The sketch before hand. Different angle. All based on the overall concept. Shadows are put in first, so as not to loose them. The sun moves at breakneck speed! Shadows are the FOUNDATION of a painting. The notes are vital to remember if iv'e to finish off in the studio.

Sketch for sale: Size A4: €65. Contact me if interested.

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