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'North Western 2 Wexford'

'North Western 2 Wexford'

Little watercolour sketch done recently.Location: Bullock Harbour. Dalkey. Co. Dublin. I love working 'plein-air' on these little sketches. The day in particular was cold and very windy, but the main reason i like this scene wasn't so much the boats; but, the old stone pier wall. I studied the brickwork and the different colour and textures in the walls of the pier. If you look closely, you'll see the various tones and light/dark values with the brush - criss-cross brush strokes in the brickwork to highlight the walls contours. The figures and gulls bring in some balance and interest. 'North Western 2 Wexford' the red boat as the title suggests stands out with it's shiny red hull.

Watercolour: 8" X 6" For Sale: €60

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