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'Queensboro Bridge' New York.

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

This little sketch is up on instagram and has most of the details. How ever, i like to add some forgotten details and points of interest: My first time to the states and i found it interesting, if not memorable. Nothing stands out architecturally, maybe like the historical cities of Rome or Paris. I've a few posts, either here or other social media sites from my visit. New York is fascinating to say the least. Not my favorite place i visited, too busy and hectic; but an eye opener!

Here in this sketch, i painted an area not far from my hotel. The top right corner of the bridge grabbed my attention (from where i was standing) of this wonderful steel framed bridge - aptly named after the famous mayor of New York City: Ed Koch. Completed 1909. I'm SURE there were quite a few 'paddy's' working on it! I tried to get a feel for the 'hustle and bustle' of this area of Queen's District called: Long Island City. I was hoping to add figures, but found it would be over crowded - the cars already are probably enough. It was dusk and i hope i caught the feeling of artificial light with the vehicle headlights beaming on other car's bumpers.

9.5" X 12.5" watercolour

'Queensboro Bridge' New York

9.5" X 12.5". Watercolour For sale: €150

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