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'Sunshine on West Pier R.N.L.I'

'Sunshine on West Pier R.N.L.i'

This was a joy painting. When the sun comes out in Dublin South, there's nothing like it. Here you see a sunlit corner of the pier at (Dun laoghaire Harbour) lit up and flooded with strong light. I really enjoy putting in cast shadows and deep colours where it's needed. Take the rusty red skip (far right): the left bit is in shadow, and this defines the object. Also, The partial title..'.R.N.L.I'; you can see the life boat up on a crane for repairs, it too is mostly shaded. All this comes together like a jigsaw puzzle, putting in tones and shadows, light against dark, and visa-versa. A painting is very much a jigsaw - you need to find the pieces to put together to get unity and understanding.

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