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Teddy's Ice Cream on the Pier'

I was giving some feedback on my store page about this painting in regards to figures, colour. The main thing I learned over the years with watercolour: your/I'm never completely satisfied with the end result. Be it too much water, and/or not enough paint; ie: runny and 'mucky', 'cauliflower blooms' scattered over the sky..embarrassing for an experienced painter! I've overcome some of this I'd say. My main frustration is the beginning of a painting. Watercolour needs a good bit of PRE thought! - meaning; you need to take about 10/15 minutes before putting brush to paper and see the end result in your mind's eye. I do this, but, and it's a big BUT, bravery and confidence along with speed are the three key features required to get there. This is a challenge, however, with practice and self-belief I'm improving..(not that I'm blowing my own trumpet, never DO) this keeps me motivated.

I haven't said much about the painting above. One thing: simplicity is another thing in ANY painting. That represents one feature here: the ice cream hut and R.N.L.I bouy. everything else is secondary. The figures, pathways and paraphernalia...rails, boats etc.

Watercolour: 11" X 15" UNFRAMED: Please tell me what you think about the painting and discuss a price suitably.

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