Brittas Bay & Small Cove

Brittas Bay & Small Cove


This is another in a small series of paintings i done a few weeks back. Brittas Bay, Co.Wicklow. The view is of a couple of cottages, the larger one is a B&B right next to a small, but pristine and quaint cove. I had to find the right view for painting this. Just standing on the grassy ledge i looked to the right - i knew there and then. The views were unreal! The Irish sea to my left, cliffs and the cottages...what more. Not far from Brittas Bay's 'regular' haunt.

The cumulus clouds was very similar to the painting, as was the general over-all scene. There was a ray of sun splitting through the cliffs from the right over the trees. I'm not too sure i captured it convincingly. I did a small sketch first sitting on the cliff with wind speeds that blew the pad almost down the ledge! (The photo is too underexposed to appreciate the painting)

The East Coast has so many hidden gems and places NO ONE really knows. You need to get off the beating track and be brave, even if it's going through private land, which is mostly the case in Ireland unfortunately.

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