'Seagulls souring over Sorrento'

'Seagulls souring over Sorrento'


A different approach to my ordinary subjects. It's refreshing to paint on a cliff face; especially tethering on the edge of a mucky bank! I was walking the dog with family and looked to my left - i wasn't really amazed, as this is a magical place for ANYONE to be inspired. However, it did grab me in when i saw the old victorian houses and Dalkey Island in the backround with the cliffs to my left: A great subject for my painting. I took my little sketchbook out and worked for about half an hour. A few photo's for tonal and colour references to get accuracy.

The gulls are incredible to watch.The 'thermals'.. keeps them souring freely: (rising column of warm air from the Earth). Along with the gulls, i had all the acquired elements to make a painting. The water was flat and conditions pretty clear. There was a slight southerly wind gusting up...and hopefully you can see it in the water on the right. The sky was pearly grey/blue.

Watercolour "14 x "10
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