The Centurion

The Centurion


This was painted from a study sketch and colour study on the west pier Dun Laoghaire last few weeks. The style is hopefully not too altered - i don't want to drop my evolving style, however, i do like to 'experiment', and here is an example. I wanted to build layers of colour to represent a more defined example. I must admit i like this way i'm going, but i do want looseness to dominate more...(not as defined). As this what watercolour is - fresh and let colours flow.

The boat in the title: 'The Centurion' (red hull) is the key of interest here. A working trawler which is the vessel to the right of painting. I liked the composition and a more ariel view. It gives the viewer to look down onto the harbour to get a sense of overall scale. The day was pretty overcast and dull which shows up more colours in a neutral manner.


Dun Laoghaire Harbour is celebrating it's bicentenary this year..200 years old.


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