The Custom Boat. West Pier Marina

The Custom Boat. West Pier Marina


This perspective or scene excaped my radar! I know it so well, however when i paint/sketch here it almost had me baffled why i missed this spot. The scene is not too interesting, but it had an unusual boat: the Irish customs boat: 'custaim' in Irish (written on the cabin). Apparently we have two customs boats: R.R.C Faire and R.R.C Suirbheir. Called 'cutters'and at 50tonnes each. You have to look twice or you miss it! Both are owned by the state: Revenue Commissioners.


The painting is not so much about the boat per se...but the whole marina. The juxtaposition of boats, yachts, poles and jetty's show a complex and clutter which attracted me. The sky plays a big roll - our typical Irish sky line never bores me. Look harder and you'll see both the West and East Pier light house's. The balance was just right - painting wise. It's a 'monatone' type painting...not many darks and lights, just neutral.


Scene (Traders Warf. West Pier, Dun Laoghaire)

Watercolour "14 x "10
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