The Riasc Moored

The Riasc Moored



The Grand Canal is a beautiful and tranquil area; I used to paint here years ago in my youth. There is some thing special here - the water, barges and wildlife, all contribute to my love of this long strip of water in Co. Dublin's southside.

This particular scene is historic in terms of poets and artists. Patrick kavanagh (Co.Cavan poet) is sitting in his bench..(in a bronze cast) he frequented this spot on a regular basis to get his inspiration for writing. He could be found sitting in a relaxed manner opposite the Riasc and the Wilton Terrace area.

I painted "The Riasc Moored" last Autumn. I do remember it was bitterly cold too. Of course i didn't need much inspiration! I worked on a small sketch first...(i can't find it to up-load) and sat for a good while absorbing my surrounds. Notes too helped. I always have as many notes as sketches; IE: 'sky is paler at horizon','water greener shade as recedes'
The London plane trees are a big centre of interest as they frame the painting, and of course the main focal point: the red barge and the other craft.

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